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This is an original artwork that I made as part of a series based on pottery shards that I find washed up on the beach.


It is called ‘Elsie’s Sunday Best’ and represents the fictional life of Elsie, surrounded by symbols of her life. 


The love birds image from Willow Pattern pottery is evident and I hand-stitched tiny French knots from a pottery shard leading up through the frame to the birds in flight at the top. I altered an antique photograph with paints and collage and stitched it on top of old silk pieces and other antique fabrics.


This is made from vintage materials so it looks old...please expect signs of wear on the materials. 


The frame is coated in plaster and collage and is ready to hang on a wall.


The frame is 31 x 23cm ( approximately 9 x 12 inches). 


This is a really exquisite piece of art, and truly original, all handmade by me in my studio in Somerset, UK. 

Elsie’s Sunday Best

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