I create using found objects, old papers and photographs.  I’m fascinated by the lives of ‘normal’ people…how they lived day to day, the minutiae of everyday life. If someone took a (pre-digital) photograph it was because that event mattered, and they wanted to preserve a memory.  Or a letter that has survived for decades did so because it was really valued by someone. 


I try to honour this sentiment through my art.  I work mainly with stitch, collage, assemblage, and encaustic wax.  I like to create stories and not let once-treasured things be discarded. 


I source materials from flea markets, auctions, and junk shops and have collected items for years on my travels.  My pieces rarely start with a plan; I’m usually drawn to the vintage materials and decide what is needed to give it a new life. 


As a child, I was constantly making things.  It was the 1970s, I was one of four children and there wasn’t a lot of spare money, so I used whatever was to hand…drawing, stitching, cutting, and gluing.  I was lucky to have creative parents whose answer to most things we needed was… “we can make one”.  This creative attitude stayed with me and has given me the confidence to make my art today.

I live in Somerset, UK and am a member of SEW - the Society for Embroidered Work which represents artists who use stitch within their artworks.

Original artworks and vintage ephemera are available in my Etsy shop

Exhibitions, publications and collaborations


August 2020 - 'Weathered and Worn' - Kingscombe Centre, Dorset - exhibition postponed due to Covid19

March 2020 - Fifty Bees exhibition -  Black Swan Arts Centre, Frome

April 2019 - Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton


Sept 2020 - Photo Trouvee magazine - one of the featured artists on altered photograph artworks 

June 2020 - 'Made at home' - feature in book comprising artworks made during Covid19 lockdown ISBN 9781-9161148-14


Feb - April 2020 - 'Poetic Gems' project - with three other artists taking a set of 1910 photographs as a starting point and devising a story

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