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Artist statement

I create using found objects, old papers and photographs.  I’m fascinated by the lives of ‘ordinary’ people…how they lived day to day, the minutiae of everyday life.  Found materials intrigue me but also bring a sense of sadness and poignancy that they were discarded.

I try to honour these sentiments through my art.  I work mainly with stitch, collage, assemblage, and encaustic wax.  I like to create stories; to present forgotten materials in a way that makes them beautiful and profound.  I aim to engender a connection to the past and a recognition of the basic similarities between us and our predecessors, that the human experience is based on the same emotions, fears and pleasures regardless of the century.  


I'm at my happiest when I'm ambling around flea markets, auctions, and junk shops and have collected items for years on my travels.  My pieces rarely start with a plan; I’m usually drawn to the vintage materials and decide what is needed to tell their story.

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My creative journey started in the 1970s.  As a child I was constantly making things.  I was one of four children and there wasn’t a lot of spare money, so I used whatever was to hand…drawing, stitching, cutting, and gluing.  I was lucky to have creative parents whose answer to most things we needed was… “we can make one”.  At the age of nine I made my own clothes and my love of sewing developed through embroidery, tapestry and quilting.


About ten years ago, I studied by distance learning and completed a textile art City and Guilds Certificate.  Ironically, it was this textile course that led me towards paper collage and assemblage.  Whilst I learnt a huge amount about textile design and techniques, it was the work in sketchbooks that really grabbed me.  I loved the combination of sketching, mixed media and sticking bits in to help develop my ideas.  After a while, the sketchbooks became the main output, rather than the precursors to a textile piece.  


Using found materials was a natural progression; I've always been at my happiest wandering around flea markets, and junk shops.  Using found materials in collage and sketchbooks changed my approach.  Instead of starting with a plan of what I wanted to create, I would be guided by the materials to hand, and what could be created from them.  My love of textiles hasn't disappeared though, it's often evident in the textures of my pieces and in the stitch that I often add.


​I live in Somerset, UK.

Original artworks and vintage ephemera are available in my Etsy shop

Exhibitions, publications and collections


  • May 2022 - Vayo Collage Gallery, New York

  • May 2022 - Weathered and Worn', Angel House Gallery, Shropshire, UK

  • July 2021 - 'I Didn't Lick It' - Bruton Correspondence School , Somerset, UK

  • July 2021 - South West Collage Collective - Artspace82 Gallery, Portland, UK - 'Disruption'

  • February 2021 - Memories of Love - Phototrouvee magazine online

  • August 2020 - 'Weathered and Worn' - Kingscombe Centre, Dorset - exhibition postponed due to Covid19

  • March 2020 - Fifty Bees exhibition -  Black Swan Arts Centre, Frome

  • April 2019 - Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton


Co-authored 'Artful Memories: How to make unique art with old photographs' Published December 2021, Amazon and eBook available


  • Jan 2023 - Somerset Studio Magazine - USA art magazine published by 

  • 2022 - Echoes of Yesterday: by Phototrouvee Magazine

  • August 2021 - featured in Somerset Studio magazine - USA art magazine published by 

  • July 2021 - inclusion in 'Collage Care' book by Laurie Kanyer ISBN 978 - 0 - 578 - 94261 - 2

  • Sept 2020 - Photo Trouvee magazine - one of the featured artists on altered photograph artworks 

  • June 2020 - 'Made at Home' - ISBN 9781-9161148-14


Feb 2022 - Vintage Page Designs

Oct 2020 - Ten19 Fibre Artists


  • 'Canary Yellow' collage was purchased by the Kanyer Collection in March 2021


  • Teacher for Fodder School - year-long online art school 2022-23

  • Member of the Design Team for The Graphics Fairy - November 2020 ongoing

  • Member of Society for Embroidered Work

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