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Artful Memories

In Artful Memories, Jane Chipp and Jack Ravi share their passion for creating meaningful artworks using old photographs. Discover how to use photographs of your loved ones to keep their memory alive, or of unknown people to weave new meanings.

How to Create Unique Art with Old Photographs

Learn creative techniques through step-by-step tutorials and be inspired by poetry, quotes and even music personally selected by the artists. The book is filled with the authors' own works and 125+ original artworks created by other artists from all over the world; all of which started with a found photograph.

Follow a tutorial from beginning to end, or simply dive in for inspiration and let the photographs whisper a new story.

With the Artful Memories book, learn how to:


choose the right photograph and prepare them for altering


combine photographs with collage, paint, natural elements and other media


create artworks in intriguing containers


create 3D photograph structures


stitch on photographs, create woven and patchwork photographs

Artful Memories is not just for artists. It's for storytellers and creatives. It's for someone who appreciates an old, torn photograph and believes that lost memories can be preserved and made immortal. 

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