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Artist Statement


I create using found objects, old papers and photographs.  I’m fascinated by the lives of ‘ordinary’ people…how they lived day to day, the minutiae of everyday life.  Found materials intrigue me but also bring a sense of sadness and poignancy that they were discarded.

I try to honour these sentiments through my art.  I work mainly with stitch, collage, assemblage, and encaustic wax.  I like to create stories; to present forgotten materials in a way that makes them beautiful and profound.  I aim to engender a connection to the past and a recognition of the basic similarities between us and our predecessors, that the human experience is based on the same emotions, fears and pleasures regardless of the century.  


I'm at my happiest when I'm ambling around flea markets, auctions, and junk shops and have collected items for years on my travels.  My pieces rarely start with a plan; I’m usually drawn to the vintage materials and decide what is needed to tell their story.

I live in Plymouth, UK.

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