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Limited edition handmade art book with encaustic collage cover,


I made these books to celebrate and record the 100 collage cube artworks that I made for 'The 100 Day Project' in 2023. I made a limited edition of 22 handmade books with two cover designs (11 of each). 


The book is titled ‘Collage³ ’ (for anyone not familiar with the mathematical term, it means ‘collage cubed’). 


Each book is an artwork in its own right. I made a collage using vintage ephemera, a photo print and encaustic wax for the covers of each book, so each is unique. The cover images are the same as those used for my first set of cubes; some 1930s prints of women exercising on a beach.


Each book is hand-bound with silk stitching and inside there beautiful colour prints of the cubes.


Size approximately 7.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches. 37 pages on 140gsm recycled paper.

'Collage Cubed' book - cover design 1

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