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I love to make bespoke pieces of art, it always feels such an honour to create a journal or other artwork to tell someone's precious story or to share their memories.


How it works: most of my commissions have arisen from someone getting in touch to say that they have some old documents, photos etc that they would like to be used somehow to make a book or artwork. We have a conversation so that I can understand a bit about their story, and what they'd like to be portrayed through the artwork. I then share a few ideas and we refine what the client would like. It's a really joyful process as I love hearing about other people's stories and usually overflow with ideas of how to create something really meaningful!


If you would like to explore an idea with me, please get in touch via the contact form or Instagram.


The time scale and price are agreed prior to starting and I ask for a deposit of 50%.

Bespoke artwork or journal

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